Get to know responsible management persons at STAUFF Global

Jörg Deutz

  • Chief Executive Officer STAUFF Group
  • Chief Executive Officer LUKAD Holding

After holding various positions in the areas of sales, marketing and application technology, including for an internationally active group of companies in the automotive supply industry, Jörg Deutz has been working for the STAUFF Group since 2003, initially as the Managing Director of STAUFF in Germany.

In this role, he had a crucial influence on the continuing expansion of the product range and the development of the company into a customer-focused solutions provider.

Since 2012, Jörg Deutz has been responsible for the activities of the worldwide STAUFF Group as Chief Executive Officer.

Since 2016, he has also been the Chief Executive Officer of LUKAD Holding.

Lutz Menshen

  • Managing Partner STAUFF Group
  • Managing Partner LUKAD Holding

Lutz Menshen, the younger son of company founder Arnold Menshen, joined the family business in 1989.

He became a member of management of the group of companies in 1995.

Today, Lutz Menshen as Managing Partner represents the interests of the Menshen founding and partner family in the operating management of LUKAD Holding and the worldwide STAUFF Group.

Dr Matthias Papenfuß

  • Managing Director STAUFF Group

After working as a corporate attorney, holding different strategic and operating positions in industry, trade and consulting and being managing partner of a consulting firm and a member of the supervisory board of several companies, Dr Matthias Papenfuß has been Managing Director of the worldwide STAUFF Group since 2016.

Dr Matthias Papenfuß holds a doctorate in law.

Dr Dominik F. P. Joachim

  • Managing Director STAUFF Group
  • Chief Executive Officer STAUFF Germany
    (Spokesman of the Management)

Dr Dominik F. P. Joachim has been Managing Director of the global STAUFF Group since 2023 and is also responsible for the business of STAUFF Germany as Chief Executive Officer and Spokesman of the Management. He has been with STAUFF since 2017 and, as Chief Business Development Officer, is responsible for the global business development of the STAUFF Group as well as global product management. He will continue in this role.

One of his main focuses is on consistently aligning the company with customer requirements and further expanding its leading position in the relevant target markets.

Dr Dominik F. P. Joachim holds a doctorate in engineering.

Knut Menshen

  • Chairman of the Advisory Board of LUKAD Holding

Knut Menshen, the elder son of company founder Arnold Menshen, joined the family business in 1988.

For almost 30 years, he led the activities of STAUFF Germany and the STAUFF Group worldwide as Managing Partner. For over 20 years, he was also responsible for the activities of the MENSHEN Group in the same role.

After the foundation of LUKAD Holding in the year 2000, he took over the overall management of the group of companies as Managing Partner until his retirement at the end of 2016.

With the foundation of several additional international subsidiaries, Knut Menshen made a substantial contribution to the consistent internationalization of STAUFF. Other important milestones of his career include the strategic share in the VOLZ Group and the takeover of VOSWINKEL, which resulted in a major expansion for the product range of the STAUFF Group. Under his management, the company developed into a worldwide leading supplier of components and services for hydraulic lines and established itself in the market in this role.

After retiring from the operating business at the end of 2016, Knut Menshen became Chairman of the Advisory Board of LUKAD Holding. In this role, he continues to support STAUFF as a strategic advisor. He takes a special interest in the further development of the role of the partners, digitalisation and company and market development.

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