Return-Line Filters (Filter Housings and Filter Elements)

Return-Line Filters (Filter Housings and Filter Elements)

STAUFF return-line filters made from aluminium, plastic or steel for line installation or tank mounting are often the only protection for a hydraulic system. They are suitable for operating pressures up to 25 bar and are placed as working filters and the last element in the hydraulic circuit directly upstream or downstream of the hydraulic tank. There, they clean the entire returning hydraulic fluid before this is fed back into the tank. Line filters are used in the low-pressure range for high nominal flow rates up to 13,330 l/min.


Filter Elements for Return-Line Filters
Filter Elements for Return-Line Filters
Filter Elements for Return-Line Filters
Collapse differential pressure <30 bar
Return-Line Filter Housings
Return-Line Filter Housings
Return-Line Filter Housings
Working pressure up to 25 bar

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STAUFF Return-Line Filters

STAUFF Pressure Filters have a wide range of clogging indicators available. If no indicator is specified, the port is sealed by a plug (HI-O). The clogging indicators are actuated by the differential pressure (Δp) across the element. The special piston design minimizes the effects of peak pressures in the system. An optional thermal lockout (thermo-stop) is available to prevent false indication under cold start conditions. Fluid temperature have to be at least +20 °C / +68 °F for the indicator to function. STAUFF Return-Line Filters were designed as filters for tank-top mounting, tank-inside mounting or inline mounting. They filter the hydraulic oil before it flows back into the reservoir. This ensures that contamination arising in the components does not get into the tank. Return-Line filters maintain the targeted purity class like Pressure Filters. However, because of their arrangement, they do not fulfil the additional function of a protection filter. In contrast to a Pressure Filter, it only has to withstand and low pressure levels.The practical design of STAUFF Return-Line Filters enables quick assembly as well as easy exchange of the filter elements.

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