Desiccant Breathers Types SDB, SVDB and SDB-CV

Air flowing into the tank through the desiccant breather initially passes through the drying material (non-toxic ZR gel granules) and then through an air filter element (3 μm) to filter out the contained dirt particles. The condition of the drying material changes as the absorbed moisture increases and the colour changes gradually from red to orange. Orange drying material should be replaced. Options: adaptor plates, capacity indicators, replacement air filter elements, active charcoal drying material.

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When a reservoir or gearbox breathers, air containing moisture is ingested into the system. Temperature fluctuations will cause this moisture to condense which can speed up the oxidation of the fluid and lead to damage in the system.

Using SDB series Particle and Air Breather Dryer, the incoming air first passes through a coarse filter, then a drying agent and finally an Air Breather element to filter out any dirt particles in addition to the moisture.

Robust Design

The SDB series from STAUFF is robust design that is used in particularly demanding areas in mobile hydraulics (e.g. in the construction, mining and demolition industries). 

Available in four different housing lengths between 160 mm and 355 mm (without thread) and has a diameter of 98 mm or 130 mm depending on the selected length.

The UV-resistant plastic housing is designed with an internal stainless steel tube for maximum stability. The Particle and Desiccant Breather can be installed on the system via the external thread at the lower end of the stainless steel tube.



  • Available in 4 different sizes
  • Diameter of 98 mm or 130 mm
  • Internal stainless steel tube for maximum stability
  • Connection via BSP or NPT male thread on the stainless steel tube
  • Available with optional, integrated check valves (Type SDB-CV)
  • Replaceable Drying Agent
  • Replaceable Air Breather Element (Type SGB) Micron rating of the Air Breather Element: 3 μm
  • Refill and Maintenance Kits available
  • Extensive range of accessories
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C ... +90 °C / -40 °F ... +194 °F

The optional spring-loaded check valves integrated in the housing isolate the dryer material outside the from the atmosphere and optimise the service life. 

A change in the color of the desiccant material indicates that it needs to be replaced (from red to orange in the standard version). Saturated Drying Agent, as well as the screw-on spin-on element, can be easily replaced by the user if necessary. Corresponding refill and maintenance kits are available from STAUFF.

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